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Time-of-arrival functional image computed from a coronary angiogram. Software developed in conjuction with the V. A. Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan.


Software Tools:

  • Software Development Services and Tools
    • Real-Time Systems
    • 3D DVEs
    • User Interfaces
    • Array Processors
    • Database Design
    • ASIC Chip simulation
    • Mission Critical Environments
    • 20 Years in Imaging Processing Systems
  • GLibrary™ Software Toolkit
    • Faster Time to Market
    • Decreases Development Costs
    • Increases Product Reliability
    • Decreases Time and Cost of Testing, QA
    • Decreases Customer Service Costs
    • Avoids Parallel Development
    • Lower Maintainability Costs
    • Greater Flexibility and Extensibility
    • Facilitates Leverage by Franchising
    • Quality Cuts Costs

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Polymorphic Technologies
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